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The lawyer on traffic accident


The lawyer on road accident renders protection and maintenance in criminal cases under Article 286 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, in administrative cases according to Article 124 Ukrainian Administrative Offences Code, legal aid concerning settlement of disputes with insurance companies and the appeal of protocols of police officers.

Services of the lawyer in road accident:

• High-quality consultation of the lawyer on road accident;

• Protection and escort of the Client on criminal cases at road accident;

• Support of the Client during investigative actions;

• Protection and support of the client on administrative cases at road accident;

• Rendering legal aid on the place of road accident;

• The appeal of administrative reports (speeding, deprivation of the driving license, drunk driving and on other offenses) ;

• Appeal of illegal actions of police officers;

• Removal of arrest and return of the vehicle to the owner;

• Settlement with insurance companies concerning insurance compensation owing to harming of life and to health of the Client or material damage at road accident;

• Expert assessment of damage of the vehicle at road accident;

• The appeal of actions of insurance company in court.

Our lawyers on road accident have wide practical experience and will be able to provide you the high-quality and qualified legal consultation, documents, necessary for you and in case of need will prepare all, representations in court and law enforcement agencies will provide you services. 

Our team of lawyers and lawyers on road accident will be able to protect your rights and interests at any stage of process.

The main objective of our lawyers is protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Client with respect for standards of the current legislation of Ukraine. Incorrectly completed documents can lead to serious problems at a stage of establishment of fault of the participant road accident and collecting the caused damage therefore we advise not to put a solution away for later and at prime necessity to ask for the help the lawyer.

Reasons of cooperation with Us:

Individual approach
In each segment of the right our client receives legal services in individual approach as we are not supporters of standard and sample schemes. Our company signs with the client the contract for rendering legal services who guarantees high-quality implementation of the obligations put by you from our party.

Guarantee of professional work
Our staff is recruited by the best lawyers in the business and lawyers who have wide practical experience in such public authorities as Courts of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Investigative Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police. The wide practical experience and high professionalism of our lawyers gives us the chance to guarantee high-quality maintenance of your business and will allow you to receive the best result.

Ability to work remotely
In case of impossibility of a personal meeting, our lawyers and lawyers are always ready to communication through any type of communication, convenient for the client (E-mail, Skype), and documents are delivered through mail and messenger service.

The company for the Client

Our company appreciates the trust put by the Client therefore you can not doubt what we is high-quality we will execute the work. Our main goal — the help to clients in the solution of problems of any complexity. At repeated emergence of legal questions, 95% of our clients come back to us.