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The lawyer on the real estate


It agrees with the current legislation of Ukraine, the real estate is objects, the land plots, apartments, country house, buildings, inhabited and non-residential premises and other property which movement is impossible without its depreciation.

For the last years the legislation in real estate field was exposed to numerous changes, the concerning manipulations with a fast estate, namely sales, uses, distributions, underwent real estate appraisals and even definition of the concept certain changes. Proceeding from the fact that, the real estate is one of highly liquid assets in Ukraine disputes in this sphere take place constantly therefore high-quality protection of the rights and legitimate interests for the solution of questions in real estate field demand participation of the lawyer with a long experience of work in this area.

In what cases it is worth addressing the lawyer on the real estate?

The most widespread case it when you already have a fast estate, but on it there are no documents of title. There is a lot of options for the solution of this question, since privatization and finishing with submission of the claim for recognition of an ownership right on housing or the uninhabited real estate. There are situations at which you already have documents on an immovable object, however they can be partially lost or they can contain inaccuracies, mistakes. Effective council which can be provided in this situation it to register in consultation to our lawyer.

Also you can will come up against a situation when you have a need to open a dispute on an ownership right, or an order of use of housing, or other fast estate. Most often such disputes arise between successors, co-owners or current and last owners. In most cases, negotiations do not yield result, and business comes to court. In this situation the help of the experienced lawyer is irreplaceable for the reason that the mistake price as a result will be too high.

Today questions on legitimation of unauthorized constructions are relevant. Our lawyers will consult you about these specifics and will help to collect all necessary documents, will explain to what instances it is necessary to address and on what first of all to pay attention for obtaining the satisfactory decision.

The issue of inheritance of a fast estate is extended today. Here, often, there are problems in case a piece of inheritance is not properly executed completely issued fast estate or only a part of a fast estate is inherited. It will be in this situation extremely difficult to do without narrow-purpose lawyer.

The most frequent questions which we face it is the disputes connected with registration of the person (a registration and an extract). Often, buyers buy a fast estate and later time learn that in it the person with whom there are no contacts is registered. In that case our lawyers make all necessary documents for giving in court and accompany business to a successful result!  

Services of the lawyer in the real estate:

  • Registration of an ownership right;
  • Recognition of an ownership right in an order of succession; 
  • Removal of arrests, encumbrances, restrictions;
  • Removal from registration of the residence;
  • Removal of obstacles at the use/order property in a judicial proceeding; 
  • Imposing of encumbrances ;
  • Consultation of the lawyer.

Reasons of cooperation with Us:

Individual approach
In each segment of the right our client receives legal services in individual approach as we are not supporters of standard and sample schemes. Our company signs with the client the contract for rendering legal services who guarantees high-quality implementation of the obligations put by you from our party.

Guarantee of professional work
Our staff is recruited by the best lawyers in the business and lawyers who have wide practical experience in such public authorities as Courts of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Investigative Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police. The wide practical experience and high professionalism of our lawyers gives us the chance to guarantee high-quality maintenance of your business and will allow you to receive the best result.

Ability to work remotely
In case of impossibility of a personal meeting, our lawyers and lawyers are always ready to communication through any type of communication, convenient for the client (E-mail, Skype), and documents are delivered through mail and messenger service.

The company for the Client

Our company appreciates the trust put by the Client therefore you can not doubt what we is high-quality we will execute the work. Our main goal — the help to clients in the solution of problems of any complexity. At repeated emergence of legal questions, 95% of our clients come back to us.