Divorce through civil registry office

In order to get divorced through the civil registry office, it is necessary to observe the basic conditions:

• Absence of common minor children;

• The consent of both spouses to the dissolution of the marriage.

If these conditions are met, divorce through the civil registry office is the simplest and fastest option for ending marriage in Ukraine. In order to register the divorce, both spouses need to apply to the civil registry office, at the place of registration of one of them. A joint declaration on the registration of divorce must be completed in the civil registry office.

In accordance with article 106, paragraph 2, of the Family Code of Ukraine, after submitting a joint application for dissolution of marriage to the civil registry office, spouses are given one month to withdraw the application. If within a month from the date of submission of the application from the spouses did not receive an application for review, the spouses are obliged to appear in the civil registry office on the appointed day to register the dissolution of the marriage.

But if one of the spouses has received the withdrawal of the application, the procedure is cancelled.

It is also possible to postpone the date of the state registration of the dissolution of the marriage at the written request of the spouses, but only if they for good reason cannot appear in the civil registry office on the day established for them. This procedure is regulated by article 15, paragraph 4, of the State Civil Registration Act.