Divorce in case one of the spouses does not agree

Article 110, paragraph 1, of the Family Code provides for the possibility of divorce at the initiative of one of the spouses. In order to initiate this procedure, one of the spouses must apply to the court for dissolution of the marriage. This category of cases entails a number of objective difficulties, but it is worth understanding that the second of the spouses cannot prevent the dissolution of the marriage in court, except that it can delay the decision. Also, a spouse who does not agree with the dissolution of the marriage has the right to apply for a period of conciliation for the spouses. In this case, the judge himself may grant the application and grant the spouses a period of reconciliation of up to 6 months, but only if it is established that the reconciliation is not contrary to the moral foundations of the society, the interests of one of the spouses or the interests of the child.