Divorce if there are minor children in common

In cases where there are minor children in the family and the spouses have made a mutual decision on the divorce, they have the right to file a joint application for the dissolution of the marriage with the court. But this procedure obliges them to attach to the application to the court, a copy of the contract on which of the parents the children will live with, what participation in ensuring the conditions of their life will be taken by the parent who will live separately, as well as on the conditions of his enjoyment of the right to personal upbringing of the children. This agreement does not oblige you to establish agreements on alimony, but if you decide to establish agreements on alimony, then this agreement will have to be notarized. The court will not accept your joint declaration of divorce because the contract is mandatory for this procedure. This contract will help you draw up our lawyer. This procedure is due to the fact that the State obliges spouses to decide on the future of common children.